Hello Food Lovers,

If you want to eat the BEST waffles in Ludhiana, then you must visit #IceCreamStudio.

They have the best waffles and ice cream variety. You will fall in love with ice cream all over again 🍦 😍

Note: Just go with the big appetite and sharing is must 😝

I have tried Waffles at Nik Bakers and Belfrance too. But i liked Ice Cream Studio’s Waffles more.

Rate in the order:
1) Ice Cream Studio
2) Belfrance
3) Nik Bakers


Here is a picture of Bubble Waffle 😍





New YouTube Video| Everyday Makeup| College Makeup| Deepali Gupta

Hello Everyone!
I am back on YouTube Β after 2-3 months gap. How are you all? So today my video is about College & Everyday Makeup.
I think you girls can pull it off easily
— I don’t like wearing so many products on my face.
–I haven’t not used primer & contour in this video since its a everyday/college makeup tutorial but you can do if you want to
— You can add sunscreen before applying foundation.
The products i have used are mentioned in the video.
Thank you for all the love and support.
If you do have any queries, do tweet or post your comment in the comment box. I would love to hear from you. xx

Link->Β YouTube Video Link

Trip To Agra| Travel Post|#DeepaliBlogs

Hello Readers,

Its been a long time since i’d last blogged. I went to Uttar Pradesh in Mid-April. The trip was amazing. I went by overnight train for the first time. I went to Vrindavan, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra.

I enjoyed visiting these places.

Trip To Vrindavan

Trip to Vrindavan was exciting as well as calming.

Coincidentally, It was “Phool Bangla” in Banke Bihari Mandir in Vrindavan. There were large of people there! *Phew*

Tip: If you ever go to Vrindavan, don’t put on shades/spectacles or don’t use sling bag otherwise monkeys can snatch them πŸ˜›

And wear cheap/non-pricey chappals to visit a temple- you never know what will happen!

Girls!! You can do street shopping in Vrindavan. I loved the jewelry stalls there. πŸ˜€

Trip to Fatehpur Sikri

It was a very hot day. I think approx 43 degree Celsius. I visted Buland Darwaza and Jodhabai’s Palace. It was a beautiful man made place. I loved the architecture-the way those carvings were done, lighting systems, sanitation systems, air conditioners way back to Mughal era. It was astonishing to see them!

Tip: If you are visiting Fatehpur Sikri in Summer, don’t forget to apply generous amount of suncreen and carry sunglasses with you + Water Bottle + Sports Shoes + Flat Slippers.


Trip To Agra

My most favorite part of the trip was Agra. I visted Agra Fort. I was amazed to see the monument and how it functioned during the Mughal Era. Those Mughals were really rich. Even more than Tatas or Ambani’s πŸ˜›

I loved the way how the Queens and daasi’s put their jewelry in the old time’s wall jewelry box. *Note: I am a history geek. Therefore, tolerate my inner fangirl over monuments*


And then i arrived to my favorite destination: the “TAJ MAHAL”

Its been 10-12 years since i last visited Taj Mahal. I have no words to describe it. To be honest, i wasn’t expecting so many people at 4 PM in a hot weather. This place was fully packed.

No one cares how you pose or how you click infront of Taj Mahal. Just pose what your *dil* says!

I didn’t liked the fact that tourist polluted some back space of Taj Mahal to throw away plastic bottles or socks. I mean c’mon- what are dustbins for?

Anyways, I loved the place.

Tip: Carry sunglasses, Have lots of memory in your phone/ipad/camera etc.


Thank you for reading the blog till the end.

See ya,





*Simple* DIY: How to make your own phone cover

[Alright,so this is my first DIY post and also my first DIY phone cover.] 😌


β€’πŸ“± Phone Cover(Make sure that the cover is transparent or in solid colorful, not the design one)

β€’ πŸ”΄πŸ”ΆSticker Stones(They are easily available at any stationary shop)

β€’ Fevicol/Fevikwick.


Step 1: Clean your cover if it has any dust on it.

Step 2: Place the stones on the cover where you want them.

[My advice is to use different types of stones; For example: Pearls with glitter will look good on a phone cover]

Step 3: Use Fevicol/Fevikwick to stick them with the cover.

Step 4: Place it for 2-4 hours to dry.

Tdaaaa- your phone cover is ready.


β€’As it is made of stones, so *handle with care*

β€’ You can make different designs of your own. 😁 #DIYDeepali

β€’ This is the first cover I’ve made.πŸ’ƒπŸ»


I will come together for more ideas soon!πŸ€”πŸ€—

*my exams are in progress* πŸ“–

Thank you!😘

I hope you will like this simple diy and make sure to hit the like button πŸ™‚ 

Comments are most welcome x

What if?
What if you die today and regret that you haven’t told your loved ones, that you love them? Life is too short. GO TELL your loved ones you love them & you care for them. Life is too short for any regret. Kya pta Kal Ho Na Ho.
Don’t hate anyone. You are wasting your precious energy on negative people. Don’t give them importance. You can’t change anyone for your own good.
Time teaches us everything.
I am not even flawless. I made mistakes, I used to waste my energy and time on negative people. I used to cry over small things that only mattered 0.5% in my life. But when I grew up (and I am still growing up ), I realized that there are other important things which matters in our life, other than sulking over small things. Sometimes I cringe over thinking about past 5 years. I was so stupid at that time but yes, life taught me about its values and It will teach me till I am alive. I want to know more about it. See, I am a curious person. πŸ˜‰
God gave us this life and we should be thankful to him what we have. Everyone don’t have perfect things in their lives. Mine too. We can’t change anything. But we can try our best to achieve what we don’t have. I will be always thankful to God, about what I have. EVERYONE IS SPECIAL in their OWN WAY. Everyone is special and gifted. Some people realized about it, some don’t.
Live each minute of your life with full of happiness.
Spread Happiness, Spread Positivity.
PS- You can join my Happy Club by just smiling/giggling/laughing over my post & ALSO commenting on it.
Thank you for reading it.
Some girl name Deepali.