What if?
What if you die today and regret that you haven’t told your loved ones, that you love them? Life is too short. GO TELL your loved ones you love them & you care for them. Life is too short for any regret. Kya pta Kal Ho Na Ho.
Don’t hate anyone. You are wasting your precious energy on negative people. Don’t give them importance. You can’t change anyone for your own good.
Time teaches us everything.
I am not even flawless. I made mistakes, I used to waste my energy and time on negative people. I used to cry over small things that only mattered 0.5% in my life. But when I grew up (and I am still growing up ), I realized that there are other important things which matters in our life, other than sulking over small things. Sometimes I cringe over thinking about past 5 years. I was so stupid at that time but yes, life taught me about its values and It will teach me till I am alive. I want to know more about it. See, I am a curious person. 😉
God gave us this life and we should be thankful to him what we have. Everyone don’t have perfect things in their lives. Mine too. We can’t change anything. But we can try our best to achieve what we don’t have. I will be always thankful to God, about what I have. EVERYONE IS SPECIAL in their OWN WAY. Everyone is special and gifted. Some people realized about it, some don’t.
Live each minute of your life with full of happiness.
Spread Happiness, Spread Positivity.
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Thank you for reading it.
Some girl name Deepali.